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IU Indianapolis ScholarWorks

A guide for IUPUI ScholarWorks users

Metadata tips

Metadata tips

Please use this document as a guideline to ensure you input quality metadata that will maximize your investment in ScholarWorks. The guidelines below outline each metadata element and how to input the best metadata.


The person(s), organization(s) or service(s) responsible for creating or contributing to the content of the item.

webform for authorsTips:
  • Use: Recommended.
  • Personal names should be entered inverted: surname (s), first name (s), suffix, prefix.
  • Enter author names in the order in which they should be displayed.
  • Use the term, “Unknown,” when there is no clear creator, either personal or corporate.
  • If an organization created the work, use the last name input box for the organization name. Please enter organization names in full, including such specifics as “Inc.”, “LLP” etc.
  • If there is doubt as to how to enter a name, personal or corporate, enter as it appears and do not invert.
  • Do not include professional/academic titles, or similar titles such as Dr., Professor, Dean, Sir, etc.
  • Add one author per line, using the “Add” button for additional entries.


The full and proper name by which this item should be known.


web form for "title"

  • Use: Required.
  • Capitalize the first word and proper nouns. It is not preferable to capitalize all letters of the title.
  • If there is no known title, create a title that is descriptive and concise.
  • Avoid using file names (“123_Test_Smith.pdf”) or general content descriptions (“Master's Thesis”).

Date of publication

The date of the item’s original publication, if previously published.


web form for "date"

  • Use: Required. “Year” must be filled in.
  • If ScholarWorks is the first means of distribution of this item, enter the date of submission.
  • If the item has been previously published, enter the date of publication.
  • If you don't know the month, leave it blank; otherwise select month from drop-down box.
  • If you don't know the exact day, leave that box empty.


If previously published, the responsible party for making the resource available.


web form for publisher

  • Use: Optional. Use only if the item being uploaded has been previously published. 
  • If there is doubt as to which party had which role in creation, enter corporate entity or organization as “Publisher” and personal name(s) as “Author(s)”.
  • If the publisher and the creator are the same, enter the information in both fields.


If item was previously published, a reference to a book, article, web page or other published item with sufficient detail to identify the item uniquely.


web form form "citation"

  • Use: Optional. Use only if the item being uploaded has been previously published.
  • Enter citation information in any citation form.


If this item has a DOI associated with it that was assigned by another entity, enter the DOI string.


web form for "doi"

  • Use: Optional. Use only if the item being uploaded has an existing DOI from another entity.
  • If you'd like to request a DOI for this item, please contact us at


The type of work (or genre) that best fits the uploaded item. If the type is not listed in the drop down options, choose "Other".


drop down menu for "type"

  • Use: Required.
  • To select more than one value, select "+ Add more".


The primary language of the intellectual content of the item.


web form for "language"

  • Use: Optional.
  • If the language does not appear in the list, please select 'other'. We encourage you to contact us if you'd like to suggest we add a language to the list.
  • If the content does not have a language (e.g., an image) please select “N/A”.

Subject keywords

Concepts or ideas that detail the item’s intellectual content.


web form for "keywords"

  • Use: Recommended. The subject keywords aid end-users and enhance search-and-retrieval; we urge you to use subject keywords.
  • Enter only one subject term per box. Use the “Add” button to input more than one subject keyword.
  • We recommend entering 3-5 keywords. Use words that are likely to be entered by a user in a search engine (e.g. Google's search box).


A statement summarizing the important points of the item.


web form for "abstract"

  • Use: Recommended. Include an abstract for the convenience of end-users and to enhance search and retrieval.
  • Summarize the resource in a few sentences.


Information about any sponsoring agencies or departments.


web form for "sponsors"

  • Use: Optional. Use only if the resource is the product of sponsored support.