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A guide for IUPUI ScholarWorks users

Preservation support policy

Preservation Support Policy

The libraries are committed to responsible and sustainable management of works deposited in ScholarWorks and to ensuring long-term access to those works.

All work deposited in ScholarWorks will be assigned a persistent identifier and a persistent Web address (URL).

While prudent efforts will be taken to preserve work in any digital format submitted to ScholarWorks, submission in a recommended file format is strongly encouraged in order to facilitate long-term preservation..

At this time, ScholarWorks is committed to preserving the binary form of the digital object. Further practical measures to preserve as much functionality ("look and feel") of the original content as possible will be taken as resources permit.

Digital preservation is an evolving field. Current long-term preservation strategies and technologies employed by ScholarWorks are shaped by the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model (ISO 14721:2012) and informed by relevant international standards and emerging best practices. ScholarWorks preservation activities and policies will be reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain current as technology and institutional practices evolve.