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IU Indianapolis ScholarWorks

A guide for IUPUI ScholarWorks users

Best practices for batch submission

Help for batch submitters

The library can upload materials in batch, when a user, usually a collection coordinator, has a large number of items to submit and doing so one at a time via the standard interface is overly cumbersome, and when a user may need to populate metadata fields that are not available in the standard interface. For batches of less than ten items (approximately) we encourage collection coordinators to submit content directly to ScholarWorks.

Generally batch submissions are handled as follows:

  • Collection coordinator contacts ScholarWorks administrators to discuss their specific needs, resolve intellectual property issues, determine the best approach for submitting their content, and what preparatory work is required. If batch upload is appropriate, then -
  • ScholarWorks administrators provide a metadata template (spreadsheet) to be completed by the collection coordinator.
  • The collection coordinator transfers the completed metadata template and files for upload to ScholarWorks administrators.
  • ScholarWorks administrators create metadata from the spreadsheet and upload the files.

Coordinators should refer to the Metadata tips and Creating metadata for batch upload pages in this guide for guidance on the meaning and content of metadata fields.

All users requesting batch upload assistance are expected to employ the following best practices.

  • Policies: Collection coordinator and other submitters familiarize themselves with ScholarWorks policies and help for submitters.
  • Copyright: Batch submitters rarely hold the copyright for the materials they are submitting, and copyright clearance is the responsibility of the collection coordinator or submitter.
  • ScholarWorks license: Batch submissions bypass the ScholarWorks licenseContact ScholarWorks adminstrators for guidance on documenting acceptance of the license terms.
  • Metadata: Coordinators/submitters submit clean and complete metadata with each batch. The library will supply a generic metadata template, and can customize the template for particular collections, upon request. Please see Metadata tips and Creating metadata for batch uploads for more information on preparing metadata. While the library cannot create or correct metadata, we will help coordinators/submitters identify problems so that they can be corrected.
  • Files: 
    • Files should not be locked and should not have embedded media. 
    • File names should not include spaces or special characters. More information on file naming best practices.
    • File names in the metadata must match actual file names exactly, and include the file extension.
  • Batch size and frequency: Fewer, larger batches are preferable to many small batches. If possible, coordinators/submitters will hold submissions until whatever they are currently working on is as complete as possible.
  • Completeness: Please make sure your metadata and content are as complete and correct as possible. Please do not ask us to upload materials you expect to change later. That said, we recognize that everyone makes mistakes, and we are willing to make corrections when the need arises.
  • Submission review: The library will notify coordinator/submitter upon completion of the batch upload, and coordinator/submitter reviews results for errors.

Please contact ScholarWorks administrators with questions or requests for assistance.