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Exploring Academic Integrity - A Self-Guided Tutorial

A tutorial to guide you through the concepts of Academic Integrity and your obligations as a student.

16 - Citation Management

Citation management software

Why might you choose to use citation management software?

  • Keeps track of all of your potential information sources
  • Makes it easier to find your sources again in the future
  • Ensures that you have all of the necessary citation information for each type of source
  • Allows you to build and maintain your bibliography throughout the research process
  • Automatically formats your citations and bibliographies in any number of specialized citation styles
  • Organizes your sources for multiple projects or papers
  • Includes fields within the citation for added annotations

University Library supports the following citation management tools: Zotero, EndNote, and Mendeley. We offer drop-in workshops throughout the semester, as well as online guides. Librarians can also help you pick the right citation management tool for your needs.