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Exploring Academic Integrity - A Self-Guided Tutorial

A tutorial to guide you through the concepts of Academic Integrity and your obligations as a student.

15 - Citation Management

Citation management software

Citation management tools:

  • make it easier to keep track of your sources and,
  • allow you to cite them in a variety of styles.

Citation management tools work by:

  • automatically importing citation information from library databases and other online tools, or
  • allowing you to enter the information for each source yourself.

The software then stores this information until you are ready to create a citation or bibliography. Once you choose a citation style, the tool will create a properly formatted citation or bibliography.

There are a wide variety of tools available.




Beware! Citation management tools (or citations from Google Scholar or a library database) are computer generated and are NOT ALWAYS 100% accurate. So, use the tools to get you started formatting your bibliography or works cited list, but ALWAYS double-check the citation formats in a style guide or through an authoritative web resource, such as the Purdue OWL.