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How to Read a Scholarly Article

Order to read it Part of the Article Reason
#4 Title & Authors Be sure to check author & journal credentials. Are the authors reputable? Is the journal peer-reviewed? Use Google to find out.
#1 Abstract

Read me first. I contain the main points

(NOTE RE: Arts & Humanities & Social Sciences - Some articles aren't as nicely divided as science articles. The information is still there - but many not be broken into sections like this. In that case, read the beginning and end of the article to get the main points.

#3 Full Article If you find anything interesting in the abstract or conclusion, then skim the article for that information.
#6 Introduction If you need more information, read me. I contain an overview of the paper and will discuss other research on the topic in the literature review.
#7 Methodology If you need more information, read me. I explain the research process so that you can replicate it.
#8 Results If you need more information, read me. I have data and numbers on the outcome often with charts, graphs, or formulas.
#9 Discussion If you need more information, read me. I explain if the thesis was proved or disproved and any unexpected findings.
#2 Conclusion Read me second. I restate the findings and results, what was discovered, and what still needs to be researched.
#5 References If this article has a lot of relevant information, check the references to find other articles that may also be relevant.