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I-CORE Research Guide

How to use this guide

The I-CORE Research Guide is designed to help you progress through the research needed to complete your I-CORE project. Each page has suggested resources, tips, tutorials, and strategies that can help you as you work on each deliverable.

If you have questions please contact the business librarians on this page (Nikki and Billy) as they can clarify. They are available by phone and e-mail. You can also book a research consultation by clicking the "Schedule Appointment" button under their pictures. If you schedule a research consultation please review the materials available through the guide prior to the meeting so that time can be optimized.

Need librarian assistance?

The librarian is a great resource if you get stuck while working on this project. How to get help:

Option 1: Online Help Sessions - A recording of the session will be linked to the page after.

Help Sessions occur on certain Thursdays and Tuesdays at 7pm or 12pm for the following dates:

Deliverable 1 
Session 1 - 
Session 2 - 

Deliverable 2
Session 1 - 
Session 2 - 

Deliverable 3
Session 1 - 
Session 2 - 

Option 2: Book an appointment (Note these hours are limited!)

  • Click the schedule appointment  button under their photos to the left.

Option 3: E-mail them

They will respond by the end of the next business day (M-F), unless she notes otherwise in an out of office message.

In your email include the following:

  • Client Company
  • Product/Service description
  • Who is your target market (if B2B what industry and any business characteristics, if B2C any decisions you have made about the consumer group)
  • Databases you have tried and if you have struggled
  • Keywords you have tried to use
  • What you need assistance in finding

Option 4: Chat with them

Nikki is on chat from 9am-11am on most Tuesdays. Billy is on chat 11am-1pm most Fridays. Look under their photos and you will see when they're online. Just click and ask.