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Research Impact Challenge: Guide for New IU Indianapolis Faculty

Why get an ORCID account?

An ORCID is a persistent digital identifier that is associated with you. An ORCID can:

  • Distinguish you from all other researchers, especially those with similar names;
  • Provide name disambiguation if you have changed your name at any point or go by slightly different names in publications (J Smith, Jay Smith, Jay D Smith, JD Smith, etc.);
  • Stay with you as move from one employer to another;
  • Track your scholarly output.

ORCID is increasingly required by funders and publishers, so the sooner you create your own ORCID, the better!

Example ORCID profile:

Create an ORCID Account

1. Navigate to the ORCID sign-in page:

ORCID sign in page. Preferred way to sign is by clicking institutional account, and searching for Indiana University.


2. Click "institutional account," and search for Indiana University. Login with your IU credentials (email accounts can be changed or personal ones added later). If you already have an ORCID, you may need to recover your credentials prior to linking your ORCID account to your IU credentials. 

Account settings for ORCID. Includes the question, "By default, who should be bale to see information added to your ORCID Record?" Everyone, trusted parties, or only me.


3. When filling out your account settings, make sure your visibility preferences are set to "Everyone". ORCID is for claiming an online identify as a scholar; it's most useful when everyone has access.


4. To add or edit your ORCID record's information, click the +Add Works button. 

If you have published articles you want to find, select "Search and Link." If you want to add unpublished works, such as presentations, posters, or grey literature, click "Add Manually."

Under +Add Works, is a dropdown that includes "Search and Link" and another that says manual. Both of these are highlighted in the image.


To find articles you've published, use CrossRef to search for the articles, and add them to your ORCID record.

Image of ORCID's link works page. The CrossRef button is circled.


Otherwise, enter the information about your works manually:

This is ORCID's add work manually page. The categories are work category, work type, title, subtitle, journal title, publication year. identifier type, identifier value, identifier URL, relationship, URL and language. The only required fields are work category, work type. and title.