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Research Impact Challenge: Guide for New IU Indianapolis Faculty

Create an ILL Account

Why do you need an Interlibrary Loan account? If the library doesn't have an article, book, or book chapter you want, you can order the item for free through Interlibrary Loan. But first, you need to make an account. 

From the University Library homepage (, click on the Interlibrary Loan icon under Popular Services.

University Library homepage. The interlibrary loan icon is circled.

Login with your IUPUI username and password. It will then ask you some questions, including if you would prefer articles to be sent to you electronically or in print (most people by far prefer electronic). It will also ask for your preferred pick-up location in case you order a print book. 

Interlibrary loan login screen. Asks for your IUPUI username and password.

To make a request, select the type of resource you would like under New Request. Simply fill out the citation information, and submit. Article PDFs will be delivered to your email within a day or two. Books will take up to a week. 

Interlibrary loan account page. On the left-hand side, under new request, you can select article, book, book chapter, conference paper, thesis, standards ocument, or audio/visual.