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Research Impact Challenge: Guide for New IU Indianapolis Faculty

Why Google Scholar?

  • Simple way to collate your publications
  • Great for tracking citations to your work
  • Easy to maintain and free
  • Discovers grey literature, reports, presentations, posters, and other works shared on institutional repositories 

If you've already created a Google Scholar profile, you can skip this step.

Basic Best Practices for Digital Profiles

  • Keep at least one web profile current and accurate
  • Link to free, open access versions of your works whenever possible (use IUPUI Scholarworks, which is step 5!)
  • Link to a profile, such as your Google Scholar or ORCID profile, in your email signature, on your CV, and (if possible) from your departmental web page

Create a Google Scholar Profile

1. Navigate to

2. Click 'My profile' at the top left of the page.



3. Fill out the profile information. You'll need to use your IU email address to verify that you are a faculty member. 

4. Google Scholar will run a search using your name to try to identify your publications. Click the checkbox next to your publications to claim them. You'll need to review several pages until you no longer see your work appear in the list. 

Google Scholar presents a list of possible publications associated with your name. Each publication has a checkbox next to it that allows a user to select their publications to add to their profile.

5. Once you've found all of your publications, click the blue button above the search box. 

There is an arrow pointing to a blue arrow button to indicate that the user is finished selecting publications for their profile.

6. On the next page, make sure that "Apply updates automatically" and "make my profile public" are checked, then click done. 

Make sure to check "apply updates" necessary" and "make my profile public."

7. That's it! You can further personalize your page by adding coauthors or a photo if you like. 

Image of finished google scholar profile.

Optional - Adding Additional Work

If you find that Google Scholar didn't find all of your works, you can manually add them. Click on the plus button under your profile photo, and select "add article manually."

On your Google Scholar profile, click the plus button under your photo to add additional works manually.


Image of a pop-up box where you fill out the citation information of the work you would like to add.

Select whether you are adding a journal, conference paper, book chapter, etc. at the top the box. Then fill out the citation information.