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This guide will help you learn to use EndNote software for creating your own library of references and full text. EndNote will also allow you to insert references in the proper format into a paper or grant proposal.

EndNote Support

We are currently transitioning from EndNote 20 to EndNote 21.

Both versions look and function similarly. During this transition, we are working to update all text to say EndNote 21.

You can download the newest version of EndNote 21 using the links in the "About EndNote" box below.

Learn about the new features of EndNote 21 in this 3-minute video.

About EndNote

EndNote is a citation management software program.  This program allows users to import citations from numerous literature databases into one spot. Users can then edit citations, add notes, import full text documents, and ultimately, use the program to format citations for articles, papers, grant proposals, etc.

EndNote is available for free to IUSM students, faculty and staff (requires an IU Login to obtain the Windows and Mac software below).​

  • Windows Installation Notes
    • The EndNote 21 download comes as a zip file and should be unzipped to the same folder.
    • To unzip the folder:
      • Go to the zipped file and right click on it
      • Choose the extract command
    • You will have two files now.
    • Click on the install program and run it
    • Run install EndNote 21.1