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This guide will lead you to link for articles, books, statistics, reference materials, and websites concerning topics in education.

Music Resources

Music Resources

Physical Education

Art Resources

  • Art in All of Us  
    A non-profit organization based in Belgium and New York. Throughout 192 UN countries, AiA promotes international tolerance among children via creative cultural exchange activities. Current programs incorporate drawing, poetry, and photography.
  • Art Projects for Kids  
    A blog run by an elementary art school teacher. Frequent postings of fun, creative projects for kids. Projects indexed by grade, artist, and materials.
  • Elementary Art Lesson Plans  
    "...Or what to do on Monday morning with 25 students staring at you!" Links to hands-on art activities, computer art activities, and other resources.
  • - Crafts for Kids  
    Numerous craft projects that use materials found around the house. Organized by theme and material.
  • - Elementary Arts and Crafts  
    Links to art sites for elementary students. General sites, topics, and fun.
    "Creativity Starts Here - Browse our giant collection of proven ideas." Links to art lessons, crafts, seasons, a teaching kit, printables, preschool, an online store, contests, and a community page.

Image/Photo Resources

Read the descriptions and conditions before using images at the following sites. Most are available for use in educational (fair-use) settings or are considered "open access", but may have some restrictions. For more information or if you have questions, please contact your librarian or the reference help desk.

Digital Textbooks

The textbook collection includes U.S. imprints of primary and secondary schoolbooks, textbooks for post-high school/non-degree schools such as business and trade schools, and foreign language through college level.


  • Annenberg Media
    A teacher resource - links to videos. Teachers must set up individual accounts to access the videos on this site. All videos are free of charge.

Art Journals