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Business of Dentistry

This guide supports the dual degree tract for DMD/MBA and DDS/MBA

Researching Private Companies

If your project's company is a smaller, local company it may not be in some of the larger business databases. Here are strategies you can use to find information:

Strategy #1: Search for a company website.

Strategy #2: Search databases that contain some private company information. Suggested databases:

Strategy #3: Consider using a similar public company as a proxy.

By researching a company that is similar to your own you may be able find analysis that explain key issues that could be affecting your project's company including opportunities and threats, consumer trends, and issues affecting the supply chain.

Strategy #4: Look for news articles in local newspapers and periodicals. Three databases that may help you find articles mentioning your company are:

Identifying Companies to Act as Proxy

Industry research and market research will help you find public companies. Some suggested resources:

Once you identify public companies, you will need to examine their financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows). When you find a public company operating, you can look at their company profiles to identify other competitors. Suggested resources:

Finding Business Expenses

Where to find Financial Ratios