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Business of Dentistry

This guide supports the dual degree tract for DMD/MBA and DDS/MBA

What type of journal?

  Popular Magazines/News Trade/Professional Scholarly/Academic
Purpose To inform and entertain To apply information; to provide professional support To communicate research and scholarly ideas
Author Journalists, Freelance writers, Essayists, Bloggers Practitioners in the industry and field, occasionally scholars translating research to practice Scholars and academics at research institutions
Format Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs Trade journals and trade magazines Academic journals
Audience General public

Practitioners in the field [Note: useful to students researching application and professional practice]

Other scholars, students researching the latest research
Frequency Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annual Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annual
Examples Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Time, Buzzfeed AdAge, Harvard Business Review, Oil & Gas Journal

Journal of Accounting Literature, Marketing Research

Searching article databases

You can search article databases for news and research about your industry, company, or market research.  Combine keywords and short phrases with the word "AND" to search for those words and phrases within articles. If searching for a phrase place the phrase between quotes.


  • Industry Search: restaurants AND "profit margin"
  • Company Search: Starbucks AND "public relations"
  • Market Research Search: teenagers AND coffee

You can use "OR" to search for related terms. For example: "profit margin" AND ("Fast Food" OR "Quick Service") will look for articles what mention "profit margin" in fast food or quick service restaurants.

Article Databases