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PBHL-A645 Resilient Cities and Communities

Add Library Links to Full-Text to Google Scholar

When you search Google Scholar on your personal computer, you can configure your settings so that IU Indianapolis Library resource links appear in your results. Then you can click the Find It @ IU Indianapolis Link to access a library item.

(TIP: If you're at a temporary computer and don't want to activate these settings, you can access Google Scholar via our Databases page (Library Home Page > Databases > Google Scholar (in the Search Box)). You'll be prompted to login with your IU Login, and then you'll see the Find It @ IU Indianapolis links as well.)

Screenshot of Google Scholar citation and its "Find It @ IUPUI" Link


How to Configure

To configure your Google Scholar Library Links, go to Google Scholar ( and click on Settings, in the left-hand column.

google scholar screenshot


Then select Library Links and search for "Indiana University Indianapolis." Check the box in the search select and click "Save."

Screenshot of Google Scholar "Library links" option

Google Scholar Search Tips

Narrow your Google Scholar search to the most relevant items using these searching tips.

Here's my basic search on community stress related to gun violence. Notice the number for results, many of which are not relevant because they miss the community part of the search.

TIP 1: Put quotes around the most important words or phrases in your search. This tells Google that that term must be included in the article. Otherwise, Google's  algorithm will sometimes skip a term it deems unimportant. Notice that the number of results decreased.

TIP 2: If you're still not getting relevant articles, try adding intitle: before the most important keywords. This will only retrieve articles with that word in the title. Notice that I only get 36 results with this search.