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PBHL-A645 Resilient Cities and Communities

Citing using EndNote

Deleting a Citation in Word Document

Removing an EndNote Reference from a Microsoft Word Document

  • Important! Do not use the Delete/Backspace key in Microsoft Word documents to remove EndNote references. Hidden EndNote coding may be left behind and damage your document
  • Highlight the in-text citation in the body your Word document that you wish to delete
  • Go to the EndNote 21 tab in Word
  • Select Edit & Manage Citation(s)
  • A window will open with a list of the citations already in the manuscript. The citation to be removed will be highlighted.
  • Select the Edit Reference tab to the right of the highlighted reference.
  • Choose Remove Citation

Install missing CWYW plug-in

If you do not see the "EndNote 21" tab on your Microsoft Word ribbon, you can follow the troubleshooting pages below: