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Physician Assistant Program

A guide to the most useful Physician Assistant resources at IUPUI


ATTENTION: UpToDate will not be available soon. Please begin using DynaMedex, a comparable resource in its place.

About DynaMedex

DynaMedex is a point-of-care tool used to support patient care at the bedside + consumer health education. DynaMedex provides clinical information for patient care including

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Treatment
  3. Calculators
  4. Encyclopedic drug information
  5. and more

For further details, review (5:22) tutorial on DynaMedex as well as other resources.

NOTE: Not all information is Critically Appraised.


Access DynaMedex

Before downloading the app, check to see if your mobile device meets the requirements necessary to use the app by going to How Do I install and authenticate the DynaMed app on my mobile device? If your device meets the requirements, click on the Dynamedex link (above), and create a personal account (different from your IU School of Medicine account).

To create an account:

  • click on the person icon (upper right)
  • click the sign in button
  • click Register now link

Once registered, use your personal account information to unlock the app. There are three installation options, each taking up more space on your device: online only (use via internet connection), partial install (full images are accessible via an internet connection), and full install (full images are download).
Note: Once in the app, click on the Micromedex Assistant icon (located to the right of the search box) to access IV Drug Compatibility and Drug Interactions. Both may be easier to use by going to the desktop version of Dynamedex. DynaMedex does not currently come with mobile versions of NeoFax and Pediatrics.

Primary Databases

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