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Finding Data and Statistics

tools & strategies to help you find data & statistics


This is a guide for locating Data and Statistical information. We use the term data to describe numeric, textual, photographic, audio, visual formats that have been produced as a result of or to support research. This includes lots of things, but many of the databases and repositories have a specific focus on a type of data (numeric, textual, etc.) or a topic (e.g., demographics, economics, genomics, etc.). Statistics usually, but not always, refers to numeric summaries of data presented in tables. These include counts, percentages, ratios, and other results of data analysis.

This guide will point you to four main types of resources that contain data:

  • Databases & Statistical Indexes
  • Data Repositories
  • Institutional Repositories 
  • Web Resources


Want to browse by topic?

Interested in Data Visualization resources? See this guide.

If you need guidance managing, sharing, or preserving your own data check out the Research Support offered through the University Library Center for Digital Scholarship.