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LibGuides Best Practices

Welcome to the LibGuides Best Practices Guide

This guide is designed to enhance the user experience with digital assets of IUPUI Libraries. This guide provides best practices, tips, resources, and examples of how to design a guide using LibGuides.

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  • LibGuides at IUPUI: Explain background information on how LibGuides is used at IUPUI and the purpose of LibGuides
  • Reuse, reuse, reuse!: Describe what to reuse such as common boxes and resources
  • Unified Presence: Include IUPUI LibGuides design templates and information about layout design


  • Best Practices: Provide best practices on what should be in the Home, side-menu, how to present information, contact information, and etc.
  • Styles: Contain information about images, different box types, and content (asset) types
  • Audit: Clarify what to do in order to make your guides up-to-date
  • How-To: Tutorials on LibGuides design (If you need more, tell us! Contact information is below)

LibGuides Task Force Members

The LibGuides Task Force consists of the following members: