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PBHL-S360/S349 Community Health

Data and Statistics for Indiana

Central Indiana Data

State Data

Other Sources of Data and Statistics

Questions to Consider

  • What are the most important issues for you/your organization to address?
  • Are there disparities? Are any issues affecting certain populations or geographical areas differently?
  • Is the need greater in some places within your assessment area than others?
  • Is there greater need among specific populations, such as the elderly, the young, the poor, or minority groups?
  • Exactly where do you want to concentrate your efforts?
  • What strengths stand out? Can these be leveraged for needed community change?
  • Does your community already have assets in place to address its challenges?
  • What organizations within your community would it be helpful for you to partner with?
  • Where are those assets located in relation to where they are needed to address your priority issues?
  • Do you have the needed resources internally to make the desired community impact, or will you likely need to partner with other organizations?

Source: Community Tool Box, Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas