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Citing Sources

This guide will assist you with citing sources in your papers.

About this Guide

This guide was designed to provide you with resources for citing sources in your paper. The Ruth Lilly Medical Library offers support for EndNote and EndNote Basic. We may be able to assist with other citation managers on a case by case basis. 

Both of these tools will store and organize citations that can then be inserted into your articles or papers. However, they are not perfect and some basic knowledge of citations styles is required.


Choosing a Citation Management Software

EndNote desktop

EndNote Basic

Best use

Those with complex, ongoing research projects and planning on career of publication who are primarily using the same workstation for research and writing.

Less complex projects. Ideal for those who are going to be using multiple computers for research.

Location of files

Locally on your computer

On EndNote Basic site (server)

Getting citations in…

Automatic export from many databases. 2 step process if not available.

Automatic export from many databases. 2 step process if not available.

# of styles

Over 4500

Over 3200


Because library lives on your computer, sharing is through sharing of computer or compressing files. Colleagues will need EndNote installed to view

Manage Groups feature allows you to share groups with anyone with an EndNote Basic account (though pdfs cannot be shared in this way). Non-UI folks can sign up for a free version of EndNote Basic.

Overall strengths

Great for very large amounts of citations. Also has a feature that can pull some PDF’s and automatically attach them to citations.

Very easy to learn, use anywhere with an internet connection. Fairly easy to share citations with others.