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BUS M426 Sales Management

Course Research Guide for BUS M426 Sales Management

How to use this guide

This guide provides guidance on database resources including search tips and tricks that you can use to research sales management issues. Specifically this guide provides article resources that can help you find current business news, trade information (industry or professionally based), and scholarly journal articles.

Why you shouldn't just search Google.

  • Google only provides access to the surface web.  Valuable business information is often behind a paywall, which subscription databases can access.
  • Google is in the business to sell information and advertising not to provide people with accurate information.
  • Google presents search results on what they think you want to find based on your search history, so your search results may not be the best sources. Two people conducting the same search will often generate different results!
  • Anyone can post information to the internet. Always analyze information you find for authority and credibility.

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar only posts scholarly articles and legal research. Scholarly articles are written by academics for a scholarly audience (other academics and students). If doing business research this may or may not be the right type of source to use. Often in business research you also want to find information in trade journals or popular business news.

What type of journal?

  Popular Magazines/News Trade/Professional Scholarly/Academic
Purpose To inform and entertain To apply information; to provide professional support To communicate research and scholarly ideas
Author Journalists, Freelance writers, Essayists, Bloggers Practitioners in the industry and field, occasionally scholars translating research to practice Scholars and academics at research institutions
Format Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs Trade journals and trade magazines Academic journals
Audience General public

Practitioners in the field [Note: useful to students researching application and professional practice]

Other scholars, students researching the latest research
Frequency Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annual Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annual
Examples Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Time, Buzzfeed AdAge, Harvard Business Review, Oil & Gas Journal

Journal of Accounting Literature, Marketing Research

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