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I Have A Citation But I Don't Know What Type It Is

A bibliographic citation is used in a reference or works cited list to acknowledge a work. It contains basic information needed to locate an item.

There are different citation styles for citing books, journal articles, chapters in books, dissertations, pamphlets, videocassettes, and other source types. The citations on this page are in APA style. 

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Usually includes author/s, title, place of publication, publisher, and date (year of publication).

Screenshot of Book Citation, including Author, Date, Book Title, Place of Publication, and Publisher



Usually includes author/s, title, volume number, date (year the article was published) and page numbers of the article.

Screenshot of article citation, containing Author, date, article title, journal title, volume & issue, and article pages.



Book chapter citations will include two titles: the chapter title and the book title. Two names may also be listed: the author of the chapter and the book editor. The same publication information that appears in a book citation is in a book chapter citation: place of publication, publisher, and date (year of publication).

Screenshot of book chapter citation containing, author, date, chapter title, book editors, book title, chapter pages, place of publication, and publisher