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Bloomberg Professional set up, certification, and tips/tricks

Certification - Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

An 8-hour self-paced e-learning program (videos), which will teach you how to use Bloomberg to research the financial markets introducing the user to 70 of the most used functions.The program consists of four modules: economic indicators, currencies, fixed income, and equities. Once you complete the course you will receive a certificate of completion. (Note: the training program is included with IUPUI's subscription if done at the terminals in the library.)

To get to the Bloomberg Market Concepts training program, type BMC <Go>.

This training consists of 4 Modules:

  1. Economic Indicators: Primacy of GDP, Monitoring GDP, Forecasting GDP
  2. Currencies: Currency Market Mechanics, Currency Valuation, Central Banks and Currencies, Currency risks
  3. Fixed Income: The Roots of the Bond Market, Bond Valuation Drivers, Central Bankers and Interest Rates, The Yield Curve and Why it Matters, Movements in the Yield Curve
  4. Equities: Introducing the Stock Market, The Nature of Equities, Equity Research, Absolute Valuation, Relative Valuation