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History Research Guide

Libraries, Museums, Historical Societies, etc.


  • Butler University Special Collections/Archives
    "Established in 1987, the archives preserve the institutional, physical, scholarly, and, to some extent, the personal history of the university, its programs, facilities, and people. Strengths of special collections cover such areas as Jean Sibelius, Abraham Lincoln, Kin Hubbard, Gaar Williams, 15th to 19th century botanical and zoological prints, early educational materials, 19th-century American sheet music, and African American poets." (from website)
  • Chris Gonzales GLBT Library and Archives Contains primary resources related to the history and development of the organized GLBT community in Indianapolis.
  • Historic Indianapolis Popular blog about Indianapolis history
  • Indiana Association of Historians Provides opportunities for people within the state's historical community to become acquainted, to share research and ideas, to promote and strengthen the historical profession, and to encourage the pursuit of history by the general public.
  • Indiana Historic Landmarks Foundation
    "Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana saves and restores irreplaceable architectural heritage, from outstanding national landmarks like West Baden Springs to modest historic houses, barns and bridges. If you're interested in the historic preservation and restoration of Indiana landmarks or heritage tours and visiting historic sites, you've come to the right place." (from website)
  • Indiana Historical Society
    Since 1830, the Indiana Historical Society has been "collecting preserving, interpreting and disseminating Indiana history" and is "one of the largest archival repositories of material on the history of Indiana and the Old Northwest." Over 25,000 digital images are contained in the Collections section.. (from website)
  • Indiana State Archives
    "The Indiana State Archives is the official repository of Indiana government records of permanent historical and legal significance. It principally contains records generated by state government and state agencies, but also holds a major collection of county and local government records." (from website)
  • Indiana State Library
    "Through its history, the Indiana State Library has developed strong collections in the fields of Indiana history and culture, Indiana state government and United States government publications, Indiana newspapers, genealogy and family history resources on Indiana and the eastern United States, Braille, large print, and books on tape for the visually impaired, library science, and American history, politics, and economics." (from website)
  • Indianapolis Public Library
    "IMCPL's collection of over 2.1 million items includes a variety of formats: books, books on tape, magazines, large print materials, audiocassettes, videocassettes, compact discs and DVD's. Foreign language materials are an integral part of the Library's collection." (from website)
  • Irvington Historical Society
  • IUPUI Ruth Lilly Special Collections/Archives
    Contains significant primary sources for the study of:
    • Philanthropy (including the records of foundations, nonprofit organizations, fund raising firms, associations, and individuals)
    • German-Americana (including the records of national and local organizations)
    • Individuals and organizations with ties to the University and Indianapolis (General Collections)
    • History of IUPUI preserving the official records of IUPUI and its various predecessor institutions.
    • IUPUI University Archives
  • Marian University Library Digital Collectionscontain primarily Marian University history but also some broader Indianapolis themes.


    • Listing of State Archives + Historical Societies
      Provided by the Ohio Historical Society, contains some dead links, but overall useful site.
    • National ArchivesThe National Archives is responsible for permanently preserving important historical and legal documents that are created in the course of business conducted by the United States Federal government
    • Smithsonian Institution
      Research and educational institution funded by the federal government and other endowments that is committed to promoting innovation, research and discovery in science.