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Real Estate

Subject guide for Real Estate Research at IUPUI

Welcome to the real estate guide!

This guide is organized to provide resources, as well as tips and tricks for conducting real estate research. It is divided into several pages:

  1. Industry Analysis: Provides specific databases that can help you dig into industry research reports and statistics such as sales per square foot and average rent.
  2. Government Resources: Provides both local and federal level resources for finding data
  3. Bloomberg: Did you know you can follow the real estate industry and analyze REITS from Bloomberg? Well you can. Here is how.
  4. Site Analysis: One aspect of real estate research is analyzing the profit potential of a site. In order to do this you have to learn about the area. This provides a few resources to help you dig into consumer, business, and traffic data around a set location.
  5. Find Articles: sources for commonly used business article database and research tips.
  6. Citation: Always cite your sources. It increases your credibility.

Feel free to reach out to a business librarian if you need assistance.

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