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ANTH-A 104 Cultural Anthropology


Welcome to the ANTH-A 104 Course Guide! This guide will help you complete your final paper for this semester. You should review each section of this guide:

1. Selecting a topic

2. What is a scholarly article?

3. Finding Scholarly articles?

4. Citing your sources

If you have any questions about doing research or using this guide, please contact the Anthropology Librarian: Ted Polley.

The final paper...

From your syllabus:

"In addition to the course text, students will be asked to read three ethnographic articles of your choosing. An ethnography is the primary result of the work done by cultural anthropologists. You will then be asked to write an individual 3-5 pp paper about the articles in terms of what you learn from the course text book (more details to come, as you learn more about anthropology and its processes)."

You need to use three scholarly articles as sources for this paper.