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ANTH-A 104 Cultural Anthropology

Scholarly databases for anthropology

Anthropology-specific resources:

General resources:

Be aware that not everything in these general resources comes from a scholarly source. However, there is usually an option to limit your search results to academic journals.

Searching for articles on your topic

In this example we will search for some articles in Anthropology Plus. Let's say that I am interested in researching about Uyghur culture, a Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia. Try searching for the term "uyghur":

Anthropology Plus search for "uyghur"

The search returns 29 results. Notice that not all results are scholarly sources. You can limit your search results by clicking the check box next to the "Academic Journals" limiter. Most library databases have a similar option.



This number of search results is probably more than you want to look through and chances are good that not every result will be useful to your research. Narrow your search by adding some additional search terms on an aspect of Uyghur culture, such as gender roles. Think about an aspect of culture that interests you or draw on themes discussed in class this semester.

Some articles in the databases will have PDFs connected to the search results. To read the full article, click on the "PDF Full Text" link.


Some results may not have the PDF attached, but you can still access the full text of the article by clicking on the "Find It" button:


Click on Find It button to check for access to article


Clicking this button checks if the library has access to the article through another database. If we do have it, you will see an article link. Click on that link to get access to the full text of the article:



If the full text is NOT available and you can wait 1-2 days, then request the article through Interlibrary Loan. You'll receive an email when your article is ready for you to download. This is a totally free service provided by University Library to IUPUI students: