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Mendeley - Citation Management Software

A guide about the citation management and research social network tool Mendeley.

Install and Use the Web Importer

The Web Importer is a bookmark that you can install in your toolbar to easily save citations that you find online. If you use the Chrome Browser, install the Mendeley Web Importer browser extension. If you use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, simply drag Save to Mendeley to your 'Bookmarks' of 'Favorites' bar.

Image of database article record with Web Importer tool and citation metadata

For more on how the Web Importer works, check out the video below.

Mendeley Web Overview allows you to view and edit your Library in a layout that resembles the Desktop. It also offers much more. First, you should set up your profile. Click on your name in the top right corner to edit your information. Be sure to add your ORCID and Scopus Author IDs so that Mendeley can search for previous publications. If you already have been assigned a Scopus ID, you can integrate it with your ORCID ID. If you're a new author, consider registering with  ORCID  for a persistent digital identifier that is unique to you.

  • Feed provides you with news and updates from your research network. It also features news from Mendeley. 
  • Suggest is updated with other papers you might be interested in, related to what's in your library. You can save new article citations to your Library directly from this page.
  • Stats tracks how many times your publications have been viewed and cited. It also pulls in altmetrics from the web, such as mentions on news websites.
  • Groups allows you to view and create groups for project and research collaboration with colleagues. It also allows you to search for groups by discipline that you might like to join.
  • Data is a repository where you can upload and share your datasets. You can also browse to see what others have shared.
  • Search allows you to discover papers, people, groups, and support. 

Mendeley Mobile

Mendeley now has an official mobile app. Download it from the links below for your mobile device.