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Mendeley - Citation Management Software

A guide about the citation management and research social network tool Mendeley.

About Mendeley

Mendeley is a free desktop and cloud application that helps you manage your research. It is a reference manager with built in tools to help you read and annotate articles. It allows you to organize PDFs, other documents, and citations into folders and collaborate with other researchers. It backs up your research library and syncs to the web, and smart phone or tablet devices. It is also a social network for scholars across the globe with an online research library that you can use to discover research papers.

After downloading and installing Mendeley Desktop, I recommend you install the MS Word Plugin and the Web Importer. Instructions for installing the plugin are on the Importing References and Web Importer pages of this guide as well as on

Help Guides and Videos & Tutorials

  • How to import your documents
  • How to organize your documents
  • How to generate citations
  • How to find articles quickly
  • How to remove duplicates
  • How to merge duplicates
  • How to create and use groups

There are many more videos available on YouTube:

Where to Get Help with Mendeley

There are lots of ways to get help from Mendeley. In fact, I've even tweeted to them and gotten assistance! The Support Forum is probably the best place to start. Search for your question in the search bar or browse the recent and frequent help topics. 

Mendeley How-To Powerpoint

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