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Urban Education PhD

Program Contact

James Joseph "Jim" Scheurich, Ph.D.
Professor, Urban Education Studies, Coordinator of the Ph.D. Program in Urban Education Studies

Office: ES 3150
Phone: 317-278-0009
Fax: 317-274-6864

The program will serve professionals with post baccalaureate degrees from a variety of fields, and will accommodate part-time students as well as full-time graduate students from the United States and other countries. Students with bachelor's degrees who are interested in the Ph.D. program can enter the masters program at IUPUI with an urban education focus and matriculate to the doctoral program if they successfully meet all requirements.  A master's degree is required before entering the Ph.D. program.

Sarah Zahl
Graduate Advisor
(317) 278-5739

How to Apply & Deadlines



The Center for Urban and Multicultural Education (CUME) at the Indiana University School of Education, IUPUI creates connections between research, theory and practice with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of education throughout the P-20 continuum, focusing on the urban school setting from early childhood through graduate school levels, and including formal, alternative and community-based education.

Robert J. Helfenbein, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies

Office: ES 3126
Phone: 317-278-1408
Email: Full Profile

Monica A. Medina, Ph.D.
Clinical Lecturer

Office: ES 3159
Phone: 317-274-6834
Email:  Full Profile

Great Lakes Equity Center

Great Lakes Equity Center, one of ten regional Equity Assistance Centers (EACs) funded by the U.S. Department of Education. We provide technical assistance resources and professional learning opportunities related to equity, civil rights, and systemic school reform throughout our six-state region of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Kathleen King Thorius, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Special Education

Office: ES 3152
Phone: 317-278-0745
Email:   Full Profile

Brendan Maxcy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Co-director, Urban Principalship Program

Office: ES 3151
Phone: 317-274-6801
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Thu Suong Thi Nguyen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Office: ES 3107
Phone: 317-274-6801
Email:      Full Profile