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PBHL-E711 Applied Epidemiology Methods I

Repositories with Public Health Datasets

These are all repositories with many datasets. Not all of the datasets will be health-related.

National Health Surveys & Studies

Featured in the Big Data for Epidemiology book

Below are links to the surveys and the book chapter about each survey, which includes details on how to analyze the public-use data.

Other Health Surveys & Studies

*Note that these have all been used in previous E711 projects.

Institutional Repositories of Data

This is a very brief list of institutional data repositories to give you an idea of the wide variety of data available from academic institutions.

Academic & Non-Profit Organizations

Advanced Google/Web Searching

Try these tips to improve your Google search:

  • Use quotes around words or phrases to ensure that those words in the search results
    • "vaccine hesitancy" 
  • Site sources narrow results to a particular website or domain
    • Site:gov
  • File type searches narrow results to a particular file type
  •  Connect synonyms or related terms with OR (note that Google assumes there is an AND between every word unless you use OR)
    • data OR dataset
    • teenagers OR adolescents
    • cigarettes OR tobacco