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Artificial Intelligence

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Indiana University resources and services for accessing and using generative AI:

Includes AI resources currently available and coming soon.


Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

A general definition of Artificial Intelligence is computer / machine simulation of human intelligence by way of training with data and algorithms.

AI Definitions

AIPRM Ultimate Generative AI Glossery - a comprehensive list of definitions and more

What are some known Artificial Intelligence (AI) errors / issues?

AI Large language models (LLMs) are an exciting innovation. However, they are not always accurate. For example, AI:

  1. Has hidden biases 
  2. Fabricates facts
  3. Fabricates references/citations
  4. Fabricates controlled vocabulary when searching databases
  5. Produces hallucinations
  6. Generates different responses to the same prompts
  7. Caters it's responses individually to you
  8. and more

Therefore, it is best practice to independently verify the accuracy of information provided by Artificial Intelligence. One tool you can use to help evaluate AI content is the ROBOT test (Hervieux & Wheatley, 2020).