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Open Access Week Challenge

What to expect

“Community over Commercialization” is the theme for this year’s International Open Access Week (October 23-29). This theme encourages a candid conversation about which approaches to open scholarship prioritize the best interests of the public and the academic community—and which do not. 

This 5-day asynchronous online workshop will guide you through tools and resources that we recommend for a community-first, open approach to knowledge sharing. Each day focuses on a key tool or topic. In addition to learning how to use community-supported (instead of monetized, for-profit) approaches to scholarship and information management, the workshop devotes two days to topics that we believe better contribute to our shared public health and educational communities--consumer health information and Creative Commons. These strategies will introduce tools and platforms to enhance the impact and visibility of your research.

Each day, you will receive an email reminding you to read the day's information and try out the activity. You should be able to read and complete the activity in about 20 minutes. The activities won't make you an expert on a tool or platform, but they should help you determine whether it is worth investing more time and effort into using it.

Learning objectives:      

  • How to use ORCID to establish online scholarly profile.
  • How to use Zotero to manage a share-able bibliographic database.
  • How to preserve and share your works with IUPUI ScholarWorks. 
  • How to find free, reliable, evidence-based health information for your communities.
  • How to interpret and leverage Creative Commons licenses when making or using educational works.

If you have questions, you can reach us at

Thanks for joining us and enjoy!