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A303 Early American Republic, 1787-1828

Dr. Liz Monroe's History A303 Early American Republic, 1787-1828 course guide, Fall 2016.

Finding the full-text of an article from a citation

When you have found a promising source in a print bibliography or footnotes, the foolproof method for getting access to the full-text is to search for the Journal TITLE in the Electronic Journals List (search box below). Do not search for the article title, do not waste your time searching JSTOR or other databases.



Example of a Journal Citation (text in bold=title you want to search)

Fine, M. (1988) ‘Sexuality, Schooling, and Adolescent Females: The Missing Discourse of Desire’, Journal Title:Harvard Educational Review 58(1): 29–53.

If we don't have access to the full-text of the journal, Interlibrary Loan allows you to obtain journal articles at no cost to you. Delivery of most documents is done electronically via e-mail. 

Searching Article Databases by Topic


University Library subscribes to hundreds of article indexing databases which are available to you on campus or from home once you have logged in with your user ID and password. These databases are important because they allow to search for articles by keyword, topic, title, author, etc. Remember, a library catalog such as IUCAT will allow you to search for journal titles, but will not allow you to search for specific articles within the journal.

Search Tips

To find out which databases are most likely to have the kinds of articles that will be helpful to you, check the "Database Descriptions", "Title List", or other "information" or "about" options available in a particular database. See the section below on Suggested Databases for History specific databases.

Before you start entering any search terms, spend a few minutes trying to think of as many relevant terms and combinations of terms as you can. This will help you to avoid getting stuck in a rut with the first terms that come to mind.

If you need help in coming up with terms, you may want to try the databases' "Thesaurus" or "Subject Headings" features.

Check out the "Help" or "Search Tips" to learn some of the search features specific to that database. Most databases provide similar features, but the methods may vary.

Try the databases' Advanced Search feature, which usually gives you the ability to search multiple fields (author, title, keyword, subject, etc) with one search and may offer additional ways to expand or limit your search.

If your first search strategy does not work, try another approach. Remember, too, that you can ask for Reference Help.

Suggested Article Databases

The following databases a variety of material type including academic articles, popular articls from magazines and newspapers, encyclopedic entries, book reviews, dissertations, and sometimes even books.  The most common indexed type is article.

Finding the Full-Text of an Article