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A303 Early American Republic, 1787-1828

Dr. Liz Monroe's History A303 Early American Republic, 1787-1828 course guide, Fall 2016.


This course guide includes information specific to Dr. Liz Monroe's A303 Early American Republic, 1787-1828 Fall 2016 history course.

Later in the semester the class will be heavily using the Indiana  Territory Court Order Books.

History A303 Early American Republic, 1787-1828                                                    

Fall, 2016 Section 31694                                                                                            

Wednesday 4:00-6:45                                                                             

Classroom: IHS Library Classroom                                                       

Instructor: E.B. Monroe

Office CA 529

Telephone (317) 278-225


Graduate Assistant: James Porter

Office CA 506


Office Hours: Monday 10:00-2:00

and by appointment

Librarian: Kristi Palmer

GOALS: This course will acquaint students with the broad sweep of history in the period from the writing of the U.S. Constitution (1787) to the close of the Jeffersonian Era (1828). Students will gain a substantive understanding of the events, personalities, and attitudes of the era, the techniques and materials of research on topics related to it, and the historiography of the era as it relates to their own research. Assignments related to historical research and writing will be an integral part of weekly activities. The products of the course itemized below at evaluation identify about 25 pages of formal written assignments plus one quiz and one exam to be completed by each student.