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IU Indianapolis ScholarWorks

A guide for IUPUI ScholarWorks users


IUPUI ScholarWorks is a service of the IUPUI Libraries that provides long-term access to a broad range of IUPUI-related digital content of enduring value.

The IUPUI Libraries work to ensure that the campus's scholarly works are as widely available as possible. IUPUI ScholarWorks provides open access to the work that makes IUPUI a leading, urban research and education campus. By preserving and sharing, IUPUI ScholarWorks increases the visibility of faculty, staff, students, departments, programs, institutes, and other formal and informal campus communities.



Making your work accessible facilitates discovery (in Google Scholar, for example) and citation. IUPUI ScholarWorks receives over 3.4 million visits and 2 million file downloads per year.

Citation Increases

Articles openly shared in IUPUI ScholarWorks are more likely to be cited than articles left behind a paywall.

Persistent Links

IUPUI ScholarWorks provides a stable online location (URL) for your work, allowing reliable access to your work over time.


IUPUI ScholarWorks is committed to preserving your work for the long term.


IUPUI ScholarWorks supports a variety of formats, and you are welcome to deposit not just the finished work, but also related materials (including data, images, audio and video files, etc.).