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Open Negotiation Education for Academic Libraries (ONEAL)

This guide provides information for the ONEAL project.

Our plan

The ONEAL project includes structural support to both invite and sustain participation from underrepresented library professionals. Our goal to produce open educational resources centered on negotiation practice and strategy will support the development of a critical skill set for managing collections and leading libraries. In each phase of the project, we will consciously invite and include librarians from underrepresented groups, particularly librarians of color and those who work with under-resourced institutions. This is particularly important in the planning and piloting stages of the project. When we solicit volunteers, we will ask that people complete a survey providing information about their interest, as well as the option to disclose demographics and institutional data so that we may ensure representation in attendance at the curriculum workshop, case study interviews, or participating in the pilot study.

We recognize people of color, particularly women of color, are often asked to provide their labor without compensation as part of service opportunities. To address this barrier to participation, a significant portion of the budget for this grant is earmarked to compensate those who participate as an advisory board member, in the 6-hour curriculum planning workshop, in OER content creation, and as pilot-testers. As part of content creation, ONEAL will cite and elevate the work of underrepresented experts and practitioners.

We will prioritize conferences and communication platforms for marginalized communities during our outreach.