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UL Assessment

2020-21 Assessment

The following Priorities and Performance Indicators are being assessed for 2020-21. For details, review the priorities via the tabs.

  • Communications & Community Outreach 
    • PI2: Library personnel will create and maintain a strategic communication plan directed towards both campus and external audiences.
    • PI4: Library personnel will deepen their portfolio of partnerships with campus and community constituencies through programming and intentional collaboration.
  • Faculty Success 
    • PI1: Library personnel collaborate with instructors to develop, implement, and make accessible course materials that follow pedagogical best practices.
  • Organizational Development
    • PI1: Library personnel invest time and resources to cultivate and promote an organizational climate of mutual respect, shared curiosity, collegiality, collaboration, learning, and celebration.
  • Resources & Collections 
    • PI1. Library personnel thoughtfully steward resources, utilizing data-informed purchasing models that sustain access to research resources needed today while also investing in the future of scholarly communication.
    • PI3: Library personnel develop and support unique, diverse, and open collections related to the teaching, learning, and research priorities of IUPUI.
  • Scholarly Communication & Open Culture 
    • PI3: Library personnel develop and provide scholarly communication services to address researcher and instructor needs and to ensure ongoing access to scholarship and data.
  • Student Success
    • PI3: Library personnel provide appropriate and timely instruction using pedagogical best practices, employing multiple learning platforms and recognizing diverse learning styles.
  • Technology 
    • PI2: The Library's web presence is accessible from a variety of devices and is useful, usable, and appealing to users.
  • User Experience & Customer Service 
    • PI3: Library personnel provide point of need service provision and employ effective transfer techniques when necessary.
    • PI4: Library personnel incorporate analysis of user input, both solicited and not, to improve current, and develop new services.